Nicknames/Alias: Carri

Age: 25

Power: Ink Manipulation

Species: Human



First Main Appearance:






Ink Manipulation

  • Carri can shape, move and animate ink. Accari cannot generate ink while in human form

Ink Mimicry

  • She can transform her body into ink and can then generate more ink


  • Accari can steal ink from another source and imprint marks/writing onto surfaces, this includes text, pictures, paintings, comic, etc.

Melanokinetic Constructs

  • In ink form she can create objects/tools out of ink

Tattoo Manipulation

  • She uses the ink from the tattoo she has on her arm for basic ink constructs

Enhanced Forgery and Text Alteration

  • Accari can make forgeries of great accuracy, such as forging someone's handwriting, a valuable piece of art, money and other objects as well with no mistakes or flaws.

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