Power: Acid Generation & Manipulation



First Main Appearance:






Acid Generation

  • Acidia can generate acid and manipulate the corrosiveness, from a weak burning sensation to burning a hole in even the strongest of materials

Acid Beam Emission

  • Acidia is able to project beams of acid that corrodes nearly all matter it comes into contact with

Acid Breath

  • She can manipulate the acid in her lungs in a way that allows her to shape the exhaled acid. These shapes can include busts of acid, stremas of acid, sphered made of acid, even a mist from her mouth.

Acidic Blood

  • Acidia's blood is acidic, and may be pressurized within her body so that it spurts out when her sin in pierced

Contaminant/Disease Immunity

  • Acidia can neutralize all existing detrimental contaminants and diseases in her body

Acid Immunity

  • Acidia's body is unharmed by and immune to any acids, being completely invulnerable to attacks.

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