Nicknames/Alias: Elf/Lee-Lee/Lizzy


Power: Faery Physiology

Species: Faery



First Main Appearance:




Alice is introduced as the lone creator of all Tamer costumes. Her methods include taking a DNA and blood sample of her 'victim' and she creates suitable attire for them. She is later joined by Amira (who has the ability to work with 3 pairs of hands and possesses the ability to manipulate organic matter) who is sent to work with Alice as punishment. Amira, at the end of her 'sentence' decides she wishes to stay with Alice and remain out of harms way and idealy out of trouble.



  • Alice does not age

Fairy Aura

  • Alice can coat herself in a fairy essence aloowing her to give off an aura of beautiful energy and joyful power towards her opponent. She can deflect attacks and fill an opponent with happiness and bliss simultaneously during a battle.

Fairy Dust Manipulation

  • Alice can create and manipulate Fairy Dust with varying properties. She can manipulate speed, density, hardness and sharpness. She can create constructs from the dust also. Alice puts her skills to use with the machines she works with to create suitible battle costumes for Tamers.


  • Alice has wings and is capable of flight


  • She can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health

Sleep Inducement

  • Alice can cause other beings to fall asleep

Nature Channeling

  • Alice can project and manipulate mystical, arcane energy. She can channel nature through her body and project it in a concentrated and powerful blast of light. She can break illusions and reverse/remove spells with this magic.

Wood Mimicry

  • Alice can transform her body into wood enhancing her strength ad endurance. In this form she can produce and launch sharpened leaves from her body

Supernatural Condition

  • Alice has the ability to reach and remain in supernatural physical and mental condition

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