Nicknames/Alias: Kala


Power: Ice Generation & Manipulation



First Main Appearance:






Ice Generation

  • Kala can generate and project ice from her body

Ice Breath

  • Kala can exhale ice/cold and release it in various forms from her mouth

Blizzard Creation

  • She can use a combination of cold, winds and snow, sleet, hail, and or ice to create blizzards of varying power.

Ice Manipulation

  • She can manipulate cold and ice for various effects, freezing areas of different sizes/shapes and objects or constructing objects from ice.

Ice Aura

  • Kala can coat herself in an icy aura that allows her to use cold and ice  to expel large amounts of energy with the same nature as ice. She can fly propelling herself upwards using ice blasts.

Ice Healing

  • She can heal herself and others using ice.

Ice Mimicry

  • She can transform her body into ice. In this form she is stronger and more durable.

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