Nicknames/Alias: ANGEL (Artifical Networked Galactic Exploration Lifeform)/Angie/Jelly-Bean

Age: Unknown

Power: Bionic Physiology

Species: Android

Origin: Magnes, Moon of Cupro

Rank: Ensign

First Main Appearance:




Angel was created for the sole purpose of protecting her 'family'. She was however subjected to experiments by a gang of evil beings when her creator refused to hand over the amulet that enabled Angel to have a mind of her own. 4 months following the first experiment after her capture, Angel was exposed to an otherwise lethal gas to humans and her systems were corrupted. She became a monster and had to be stopped. Her creator sought advice and was given the remedy to Angels malfunction by a stranger... He took the cure without question. This being a toxin that had a 70% chance that it would destroy her from the inside. He found Angel and distributed the cure but at the expanse of his life. Angel turns on him and kills him before the cure has an effect. But as he slips into unconsciousness, she remembers. She shuts down. Awakening again as she once was. Innocent. She flees her home world and seeks solace elsewhere until the day she is called upon to aid Star Elite


Anatomical Liberation/Body Part Substitution

  • Angel can split her body apart and control the pieces and replace appendages with those of another

Technology Manipulation

  • Angel can activate/deactivate machinery, read and interpret electronic signals, regenrate herself and communicate with technology.


  • Angel doesn't age and will stay the 'age' she is forever but is not invulnerable to death by destruction.

Metal Mimicry

  • Angel is an android with sentience. She has a physical body made up of metal

Psychic/Magic Resistance

  • She is immune to psychcic attacks and is unaffected by magic in any way (but vulnerable to high level energy/elemental attacks)

Defunct Physiology

  • Angel lacks physical weakness of organic beings such as need for rest, sustenance and other physical requirements. She doesn't feel pain and can't be poisoned or get ill

Enhanced Condition

  • Angel has enhanced Agility, Durability, Speed and Strength

Scanner Vision

  • Angel can perform complex visual scans on her environment or creatures around her and determine their intimate properties or detect their presence. She can detect lies, gather information and negate certain forms of invisibility.


  • Angel can fly without outside assistance

Mechanical Weapon Constructs

  • She can morph her right arm to create any type of mechanical weapon ranging from short distance (sword) to long distance (gun).

Vacuum Adaptation

  • Angel can survive in space unaided and can withstand atmospheres, cosmic radiation, strange gravity and lack of air.