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Age: Unknown


Power: Omnipathy

First Main Appearance:

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Powers Edit

Dream Manipulation

  • Ardelle can enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others


  • She can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others

Emotional Energy Manipulation

  • Ardelle can create and manipulate the erergy that is created/generated by the emotions of all living things. She can increase, decrease or change it and manifest the emotional energy to physical levels.

Imagination Manipulation

  • Ardelle can sense and manipulate the imagination of others and manifest the emotional energy to physical levels.

Instilled Knowledge

  • Ardelle can infuse vast amounts of knowledge into her mind by supernatural means. She has knowledge of the past, present and future, many alternate timelines and the minds of others.


  • Ardelle has direct control over her mental structure, being able to manipulate at will her emotions, sensations, perceptions, memories and personality. She is immune to mind-altering abilities.

Mental Projection

  • Ardelle can project thoughts, consciousness and emotions into reality.


  • Ardelle can turn one's thoughts and imagination into reality.

Neuro-Psychic Knowledge

  • Ardelle can manipulate wiring and functions in her brain allowing her to learn everything: play any instrument, practice sport, speak any language, memorize andything, discover something and know absolutely everything.

Psychic Navigation

  • Ardelle can track people/objects with her mind and create mental maps of an area

Psychic Wave Manipulation

  • Ardelle can manipulate her thought waves and utilize them in a telepathic manner. Compression of the psychic waves cause them the become physical matter.

Psychosmatic Illusion

  • Ardelle can cast powerful illusions capable of causing physical effects on her target.


  • Ardelle can read/sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally and affect their thoughts.

Telepathic Mimicry

  • Ardelle can copy another power from another person via a telepathic link. So long as the link exists, she can use the powers of others.

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