Nicknames/Alias: Tori


Power: Space Rock Manipulation

Species: Fairy/Human



First Main Appearance:







  • Astoria can fly with wings

Space Rock Manipulation

  • Astoria can create, shape and manipulate space rocks, including comets, meteros, meteorites and asteroids.

Asteroid Belt 

  • Astoria can create space dust in the form of an Asteroid Belt around to protect her from some projectiles

Cosmic Dust Manipulation

  • Astoria can create and control rocky celestial bodies, interstellar dust or any other celestial earthly realted matter. She can shape them to form whatever construct she chooses

Meteor Summoning

  • Astoria can summon meteros and have them crash down on her targets usually causing widespread damage. She can fire a single mini meteor akin to a cannonball.

Icy Comet

  • She can create a comet composed of icy gas to freeze her opponents

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