Astrid formed an unlikely friendship with Clove and the pair have since joined forces with Star Elite and fight for good. Astrid has Haemophobia, the phobia of blood, but despite the fact that her best friend has the ability to generate blood when she pleases, she is yet to back down from a fight ensured with a bloody conclusion.


Nicknames/Alias: N/A

Age: 22

Power: Bone Manipulation

Species: Human



First Main Appearance:






Bone Manipulation

  • Astrid can crow bones, shape them and manipulate their density/weight (this can result in her creating dermal armour).

Bone Constructs

  • She can create bone and use them as weapons

Hallow Skeleton

  • Astrid has a hallow skeleton, decreasing her weight allowing quicker speed and agility

Bone Removal

  • Astrid can remove bones from bodies by simply making them disappear

Bone Spike Protrusion

  • Astrid can generate razor-shapr spikes of bone from her body, acting as weapons

Projectile Spikes

  • Astrid can lauch spikes made out of bone from anywhere on her body


  • Using her bone spikes, she can climb up walls

Enhanced Strength

  • Astrid's strength is almost twice that of an average human, a result of her bones being stronger.

Healing Factor

  • Astrid has an accelerate healing rate to seal wounds caused by projecting spikes