Age: 27

Power: Iron Manipulation

Species: Human

Origin: Dulcifer, Moon of Nox

First Main Appearance:






Iron Manipulation

  • Atalya can create, shape and manipulate iron

Ferrokinetic Constructs

  • She can create constructs out of iron, such as weapons and walls

Iron Armor

  • Atalya can cover part of her body, or the entirity of it, in iron

Metal Aura

  • Atalya can surround herself within a metallic energy like aura, increasing her strength and durability.

Iron Spheres

  • Atalya can create orbs of iron and throw them with dangerous force


  • Atalya can spew out bundles of iron wire to shred her target

Limited Medical Intuition

  • Atalya is the Lead Nurse at Charter Academy for a while. She is fairly skilled in the area with medical knowledge enabling her to treat injuries and create medicines.

Insanity Inducement

  • Atalya's sanity deteriorates slowly throughout the series up until the point she gains the ability to inflict this trait upon others. She can cause someone to go slightly loopy or lose total grip of reality becoming delusional, lose control over themselves, become paranoid, catatonic or hostile. She effectiviely steals the sanity of others causing them to go insane while restoring her own sanity.

Age Transferal

  • Atalya can steal the youth of others. Upon her resurrection, she must continue to do so to stay alive.

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