Nicknames/Alias: Ava


Power: Age Manipulation & Transfiguration & Telekinesis



Family: Samoan & Dmitri ('Parents') Waysina ('Step-Sister')


First Main Appearance:





Age Shifting

  • Ava can shift her age to any range within her destined life-span, sometimes without intention.

Age Reversal and Acceleration

  • She can reverse and accelerate the age of herself and others/objects

Rot Inducement

  • She can rot any organic material, flesh, fruit or plant

Ballistic Telekinesis

  • Ava can cause nearby objects to move around her at high speeds, explode or be propelled away from her


  • Ava can lessen an outside force due to her physical body (such as bullets etc)

Vector Telekinesis

  • Ava can create waves of telekinetic energy appendages to move things around

Seismic Sense

  • Ava can sense and percieve vibrations in the earth

Telekinetic Flight

  • Ava can use telekinesis to levitate and fly

Partial Transformation

  • Ava can partially transform her body by transforming into a 'half-state' of two forms

Doppelganger Morphing

  • Ava can alter her form to take the appearance of others she has seen

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