Nicknames/Alias: Ben


Power: Precognition & Telepathy

Species: Human


Family: Lucy & Dain (Parents)


First Main Appearance:






  • Ben can see the future in dust, smoke or sand

Death Sense

  • She can detect who is going to die and when. She does not revel having this ability and takes a mental class to help her block it, she has however been unsuccessful so far and continues to be assaulted by visions of deaths of strangers.

Precognative Dreaming

  • Ben can percieve the future in dreams

Limited Astrological Divination

  • Ben can, to some degree, identify the future by observing celestial entities


  • She can locate, store and download thoughts/information from anothers mind

Psionic Blast

  • Ben can launch psi-bolts to cause mental damage


  • She can meld her consciousness with another

Mind Reading/Telepathic Speaking

  • Ben's Telepathy is said to rival her mothers and could evolve to become more advanced. She can read/sense thoughts and speak telepathically.

Mind Control

  • Ben has the ability to control minds, unlike her mother who hardly ever took control of a person, she has no choice to use this ability when attacked

Telepathic Cloak

  • Ben can mask her presence from being detected by others. She can extend these defences to others around her aswell.

Pain Inducement

  • Ben can induce mental pain by merely touching the brow of her victim

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