Power: Sunlight Manipulation

Species: Human



First Main Appearance:






Fire/Solar Flare Mnaipulation

  • Bliss can create, shape and manipulate fire. She can release heat, light and flames. She can also release a waves of solar energy.

Gravity manipulation

  • She can bend gravity to make the environment very 'heavy' or 'light'. She can repel or attract matter and energy ragardless of mass


  • Bliss is immune to fire and UV radiation. She is unaffected by bright light, hence her skin is rather dull as her body rejects the positive aspects of sunlight

Electromagnetic Pulse Emission

  • Bliss can disable electronics

Solar Energy Absorption

  • By absorbing solar energy Bliss's strength is enhanced, she can absorb and re-channel the suns light and possibly bend it to create visual illusions and turn herself invisible.

Regenerative Helaing Factor

  • Bliss can heal quicker due to cells gaining larger amounts of energy

Miniture Black Hole Creation

  • Bliss can create small orbs of light which turn into small black holes which can suck things into it. She absorbs the black hole afterwards

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