Candy Generation

  • Cameron can create/generate/increase candy, including candy bars, chocolate, licorice, sour candies, salty candies, hard candies, taffies, gumdrops, marshmallows etc.

Candy Manipulation

  • She can shape and otherwise manipulate candy in any way

Candy Mimicry

  • Cameron can transform her body into candy increasing her durability, endurance and strength

Adhesive Secretion

  • Cameron can secrete a honey-like substance from her skin

Sugar Rush

  • Cameron can temporarily enhance her speed

Sweet Summoning

  • Cameron can summon a number of candy minions that symbolise specific candies (marshmallows, licorice, caramel, ice cream, hard candy, chocolate and sherbert).

Explosion Generation

  • Cameron can cause explosions, generating high temperatures followed by the release of pink coloured gases

Energy Wave Emission

  • She can release waves of pure heat energy which tend to take on a pink hue

Candy Vortex

  • She can create spiral like beams of explosive energy with the colours resembling a candy cane

Explosion Absorption

  • Cameron can absorb explosions, which removing it from the source, into her own body all the while her aura glows a pink colour


  • Cameron cannot fly, but she can propel herself upwards quite a distance

Cherry Bombs

  • Cameron can create and launch squeres of explosive energy in the form of sweets