Nicknames/Alias: Chev

Age: 25

Power: Hypnotism & Dream Manipulation & Harpy Physiology

Species: Harpy/Human Hybrid

Origin: Perempas

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

First Main Appearance:




Chevalle thinks rather highly of herself and gets on well with Phianna instantly as both seem to posses the quality of self-confidence and the need to be better than everyone else. Despite this, Chevalle will give anyone a chance, or a second chance if need be, while Phianna tends not to care if she hurts someone mentally. Lenore later hands Chevalle her 'Asylum' pendant to keep safe when she sees Chevalle's better qualities of trustworthiness and dependence. Chevalle, like Rebeccia was experimented on without consent. Her sisters were also changed into the hybrids they are now. 


Enahanced Condition

  • Chevalle has enhanced agility, balance, lung capacity, senses and refelxes

Disease/Contaminent Immunity

  • She can neutralize all existing detrimental contaminants in her body

Command Inducement

  • Chevalle can command other beings by giving them orders to do her bidding no matter what the victim thinks or feels

Memory Erasure

  • Chevalle is able to erase the memories of others, ranging from a certain memory or erase a persons entire memory/personality but at the cost of choosing to forget one of her own memories or traits aswell.

Dream Attacking/Observing/Walking

  • Chevalle can enter others' dreams and attack them. She may also simpy observe dreams

Dream Reading

  • Chevalle can discern and instantly understand the dreams of others

Psychic Construct

  • Inside dreams (and only inside dreams), Chevalle has has the ability to draw upon psychic energy to create constructs

Dream Imprisonment

  • Chevalle can create a false reality in dreams and trap people into either her own or the targets dreams/nightmares. The targets body remains waking while their mind is trapped

Fear Manipulation

  • Chevalle can detect, induce, absorb and mask fear. She can also become empowered by the fear of others around her

Psychic Energy Absorption

  • Chevalle can absorb psychic energy or others, strengthening herself and her mind. She becomes highly resistent to psychic powers and can negate the use of telekinesis by absorbing psychic energy of a Telekinetic Tamer. Because of this power, Lucy tends to descretely plea with her mission leader to work at opposite ends of the battlefield to Chevalle.

Avian Physiology

  • Chevalle can retract razor sharp claws and manifest wings. She has a hallow skeleton and can adapt to high pressures.

Storm Manipulation

  • Chevalle can influence weather conditions to a point of exploiting the destructive nature of wind

Supersonic Flying

  • Chevalle can fly at speeds that exceeds sound