Nicknames/Alias: Collie/Coco/Cauliflower/Colliwog/Collywobbles

Age: 21

Power: Prehensile Hair

Species: Human/Rabbit Hybrid



First Main Appearance:



Colleene wouldn't wake one morning when she was 7 years old and was discovered to have lapsed into a coma during the night. She stayed this way for 13 years. Her body was put into a chamber that would still allow her to age. When she woke she was scared and confused as to her whereabouts. Lucy feels a sudden burst of emotional energy erupt in her head and tracks Colleene and brings her back to the Academy where she is reunited with her family. Colleene's home world had been destroyed and her mother said she had wanted to get her daughter out of the Chamber she was in before it was also destroyed but in the chaos Security Officials of the planet refused.


Hair Generation

  • She can create hair, drawing it from herself, others or manifesting it from anywhere

Hair Manipulation

  • Coll can freely alter and manipulate her hair as if it was an appendage. Hair has no nerves and therefore attacks are virtually harmless to her.

Enhanced Condition

  • Coll has enhanced agility, hearing, smell, jump and speed