Nicknames/Alias: N/A

Age: 24

Power: Digital Form

Species: Human/Feline Hybrid



First Main Appearance:






Data Manipulation

  • Earrius can download data through contact with technology, casue systems to crash and program machines

Nanite Manipulation

  • Earrius's blood carries nanites which can when injected into another being (via Earrius' retractable claws), disintegrate matter at the subatomic level, upgrade or 'take-over' electrical objects, or actively accelerate healing


  • Due to the nanites in his blood, Earrius' lifespan is considerably prolonged. halting his aging factor. The nanites also have the effect of healing his injuries at an accelerated rate

Data Form

  • Earrius can take the form of Data allowing him to possess or interact with electronic objects. In this form he is immune to physical harm and attacks. In this form Earrius can transport via electricity

Claw Retraction

  • He can extend and retract sharp claws (with which he can should he choose to, administer nanites into the bloodstream of another).

Enhanced Condition

  • Earrius has enhanced agility, balance, bite, flexibility, jump, strength speed and senses

Predator Instinct

  • Earrius possesses predatory instincts allowing him to become a master of hunting and tracking