Nicknames/Alias: Tat-ara Nebu


Power: Mind's Eye



First Main Appearance:






Attack Prediction

  • Tara can predict and interpret attacks

Astral Projection

  • Tara can project her consciousness form outside of her body

Astral Suggestion

  • Tara can astral project and plant suggestions into others

Astral Trapping

  • Tara can restrain, trap or seal Astral Beings (including ghosts and spirits) into specific places or being, or prevent them from enetering certain areas or possessing beings/items. She can force them on or off her plane of existence.


  • Tara can inhibit the body of a living being when in astral form


  • Tara can gain direct visual information through means other than her physical sight and allows her to act when she is unable to use her eyes

Mind Image

  • Tara can project her image to the mind of another, allowing communication with others by letting them see a form rather than hearing a disembodied voice


  • Tara has a limited ability to percieve future events before they happen. They tend to come to her in the form of visions at unexpected times

Illusion Awareness

  • Tara cannot be fooled by illusions

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