Evolen not only supervises what goes on at his Academy but holds regular extra-curricular lessons teaching the skill of Necromancy to a select type of student group.


-- Evolen


Darkness Generation

  • He can create, absorb, shape and manipulate darkness, such as a dark mist or constructs.

Darkness Adaptation

  • He can see in the dark

Shadow Marionette

  • He can fuse his shadow with another which gives him control over others against their will as if they were a marionette


  • Evolen can fly

Dark Portal Creation

  • He can create portals using darkness

Darkness Aura

  • He can coat himself in darkness allowing them to give off an aura of malicious energy


  • He can banish an object or being from a specific place

Corruption Manipulation

  • He can cause distrust among loved ones, greed or madness and hypnostise.

Demon Summoning

  • He can summon beings of darkness and/or demons