Nicknames/Alias: Ezra/Jupiter/Exrynth Ankaalite (Real Name)

Age: 26

Power: Aurora Generation

Species: Human/Bug Hybrid



First Main Appearance:




Before Alasa found Ezra, she was a guard on her home planet, and the only remaining one to escape when defenses fell surrounding their sacred kingdom. Ezra has the ability of Aurora Generation and the cape she tends to wear manifests into a pair of wings. She becomes a sister like figure to Hanna due to their insect similarities. The ring she has turns into a staff in combat which amplifies her powers significantly.


Aurora Generation

  • She can create auroras.

Blindness Inducement

  • She can induce blindness in others

Confusion Inducement

  • Ezra can cause misdirection of attacks, confusion in a crowd or disordered memory in people.

Limited Illusion Maniplation

  • She can create an illusive appearance for herself and overload a target with overlapping visions causing several negative symptoms.

Magnetism Manipulation

  • Ezra can generate and manipulate magnetic fields and release them in various ways: metal manipulation, magnetic force-field, metal constructs.

Aerokinetic Flight

  • Ezra can create and manipulate neon gas to fly