Nicknames/Alias: Frey

Age: 25

Power: The 5 Senses & Sixth Sense

Species: Human

Origin: Zin

Rank: Commander

First Main Appearance:




Freya is an Air Elemental and possesses the ability of The 5 Senses. She is more of a guardian than a fighter, and aims to aid people rather than hurts them. Freya can advance senses, take them and experience other peoples senses (As in see through their eyes, hear what they hear etc.) If she is caught in battle she summons a staff which she then uses in martial arts combat. Freya should have wings... But she lost the right to them when she refused to save one of her people when they were struck by a fire and lost their sight. The person being their elder who watched over her community and prayed to their gods for survival over decades. It wasn’t out of spite not to save this person, but rather because Freya was scared of her ability to mess with peoples senses. She wasn't all that disappointed when she was not granted her wings. She left for Charter Academy and doesn't speak of her home world to anyone. She keeps her ability to herself and only very rarely uses it. She sticks by Broen, who is immune to having his senses messed with, because he is a spirit. Broen protects Freya in battle.


Enhanced Senses

  • Freya has extremely accurate senses, allowing her to see, hear, smell, taste and feel more than an average member of her species.


  • Freya can pervieve the emotions, emotional imprints and emotional links from the past, present, future or at locations not relative to her

Sense Manipulation

  • Freya can enhance the senses of others, temporarily remove or reduce them and cause targets to sense things that aren't there and experience the senses of others.

Illusion Awareness

  • Many illusions will affect only certain senses but lack others, for example an illusion might lack a smell or have no heartbeat

Vertigo Inducement

  • Freya can disorientate someone's sense of balance


  • Freya can cause herself or others to be inaudible, being either completely silent or allowing to only be heard by certain individuals or make things around her inaudible too.

Pain Supression

  • Freya can block pain at will, being capable of thinking clearly continue to move, ignore torture and generally functions in situations where pain would disable a normal person

Limited Invisibility

  • Freya can prevent targets from sensing/seeing things, which makes them invisible to certain eyes


  • Freya possesses no discernible scent allowing her to evade tracking or more specifically people with Enhanced Smell.

Staff Summoning

  • Freya can summon a staff to adi her in martial combat