Specialist Subject: Academic Studies (Social Studies)


Power: Pain Inducement & Memory Manipulation

Species: Human

First Appearance:




Empathic Masochism

  • She can inflict pain on others by inflicting damage upon herself

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Paired with the Masochism attack, she can heal herself while her target cannot. She is not however immune to the pain

Sensorial Link

  • She can link senses with other people (In essence feeling their pain)

Memory Suppression

  • She can supress memories of herself and others

Memory Reading

  • Georgia can read memories, learning their history and discover lost memories

Memory Projection

  • She can project the memories of herself and others onto reflective surfaces

Memory Implantation

  • She can distort, place or erase memories

Enhanced Memory

  • She can remember and recall experiences and events inhumanly well after miniscule degrees of experience

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