Specialist Subject: LINK Training & Tactical Analysis (LTTA)

Age: 33

Power: Vapor Mimicry & Water Mimicry & Ice Mimicry

Species: Human/Fish Hybrid

First Appearance: S03E14 - The House Party Gang




Aerial Adaptation

  • Hycis can adapt to high altitude environments

Aquatic Adaptation

  • She can adapt to underwater environments

Cold Immunity

  • She is immune to extreme temperatures but extremely vulnerable to high heat

Enhanced Condition

  • Hycis has enhanced Agility, Balance, Dexterity, Durability, Lung Capacity and Strength

Contaminent/Disease Immunity

  • She is immune to most diseases and contaminents while in one of her three states


  • She can fly using vapor

Near Intangibility

  • She can acomplish this through self- liquidation, turning her body into water so attacks simply phase through her

Speed Swimming

  • She can swim at incredible speeds

Water/Ice/Steam Generation

  • She can create and manipulate water, ice and vapor

Dermal Armour

  • She can create Ice armour for protection

Moisture Absorption

  • She can absorb ambient water vapor from the atmosphere or directly from living beings