-- Jett

Jett is the commissioned Captain of the Falisity and takes on many members of Star Elite after their first 4 years of training. He is eventually diagnosed with a very rare disease in it's final stages and requests that Star Elite continue with his mission of protecting the Universe against immediate threats. Despite his young age, he accepts his fate and asks Hanna to help him end his life before his disease undoubtedly begins to cause him unbearable pain. She refuses saying she will not help him until she has extinguished every possible other option in hopes of finding a cure. Jett possesses the ability to set his blood alight when it comes into contact with air which resulted in an accidental catastrophe on his home world when he first discovered his power, killing his younger brother in flames. He later learned to suppress the 'spark' that would ignite upon contact with air and can control the flames he creates, mostly in the form of whips with a spell on his wrists on wounds that never heal so he doesn't continuously have to hurt himself to control his blood. Despite her determination, Hanna fails to find a cure and eventually accepts Jetts plea of helping him.

Marylyn, a necromancer working for Atalya, brings Jett back to life to fight against Star Elite some time in the final episode of the 4th Season. He gains the ability to Generate Cosmic Fire. He is destroyed by Dmitri when he makes a move to attack a recovering Samoan.


Flammable Blood

  • Jett can ignite his blood when it comes into contact with air which is then most commonly used as whips. Jett cannot generate fire, he can only transform blood into fire and manipulate it.

Heat Generation

  • Jett can heat his blood up without causing a fire, exposing it to air

Cosmic Fire Manipulation

  • Jett is brought back from the dead briefly by Marylyn and orderded to fight against Star Elite. He can now generate cosmic fire and incinerate anything he comes into contact with. He is protected against water attacks and vacuums without the need of consumption of oxygen.