Nicknames/Alias: Kay9/Dmitri


Basic Traits: Charismatic

Power: Chaos Manipulation



First Main Appearance:






Chaos Manipulation

  • Kay9 can cause technology to crash for no apparent reason

Controlled Chaos

  • He can contain chaos, so it doesn't spread or can have it spread only as desired

Chaotic Energy Absorption

  • Kay9 can absorb various forms of energy and utilize it in various ways (enhancement to himself, gaining the drained power).

Chaotic Energy Constructs

  • Kay9 can craft a variety of weapons and tools out of pure chaotic energy

Chaos Inducement

  • Kay9 can cause chaos in any scale, from minor disorder, confusion and/or disobedience, up to causing massive storms, destruction, loss of laws and order to cause mass panic, etc.


  • Kay9 can fly without outside influence

Discord Manipulation

  • Kay9 can manipulate discrod, cause conflict/disagreement/incompatability between others


  • He can collapse objects into dust

Limited Elemental Manipulation

  • Kay9 can to some extent manipulate the basic elements of nature, (Earth, Water, Air, Fire).

Limited Mental Manipulation

  • Kay9 can somewhat manipulate thoughts, mindsets and upper brain functions of others

Limited Probability Manipulation

  • Kay9 has been known to be able to cause unlikely things to happen and likely things not to happen

Paradox Inducement

  • Kay9 has the power to disobey the rules of logic itself: the power to disrupt Reality and Logic. He can reverse the effects of attacks inflicted upon himself, is immune to reality altering abilities, cannot be detected with mental powers as if his mind does not exist and generally do illogical and impossible feats.

Power Negation

  • Kay9 can negate the powers of others but at the risk of losing his own in the process. He is yet to use this ability.


  • Kay9 possesses a completely unpredictable nature. He is immune to abilities such as Body Language Analysis and Adoptive Muscle Memory.

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