Khadija stands as an ambassador on the FALISITY and records her opinions of the ship and crew fro Charter Academy.


Nicknames/Alias: DJ/KD/Jaja/Dija

Age: 27

Power: Amalgamation & Photographic Encapsulation

Species: Human


Rank: Lieutenant

First Main Appearance:







  • Khadija can fuse objects regardless if the object is organic, inorganic, living, dead or technological. Doing this she can upgrade beings of objects


  • She can transfer people or items, entrapping them using any digital device

Photographic Vision

  • She can take photos with her eyes and then develop them by staring at a surface really hard and the image with engrave itself on it. This process can be done with use from an Electricity Tamer, transfering the memories directly into a system for her.

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