Nicknames/Alias: Kira/Tiff


Power: Slime Manipulation & Mimicry

Species: Mutated Human


First Main Appearance:




Kira befriends Mesotholea but is forced to fight against her when they are revealed to be on opposing sides. However despite her orders, Kira tends not to attack Mesotholea in battle and rather defends her with Mesotholea doing the same for her.


Slime Generation

  • Kira can generate, increase, shape, animate and construct items from slime such as weapons, walls and allies


  • She can bind, imprison or otherwise stop objects using goo

Matter Sufing

  • Kira can manipulate slime to increase her maneuverability


  • Kira can fasten onto and climb vertical and horizontal surfaces without falling

Slime Mimicry

  • Kira's body is made up of slime/goo. She is immune to contaminants and pain.


  • Kira can morph into a liquid-goo form and back again. Being made of goo, Kira is near intangible as objects (that are not water-proofed) would pass through her.

Enhanced Condition

  • Kira has enhanced durability, endurance, lung capacity and strength.

Goo Variations

  • Kira can generate different types of goo (acidic, electrical, sticky, slippery and poisonous).

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