-- Lase

Lase is extremely sure of himself - as most elves are - and often states he could run a ship of his own using only his clones, surviving as a collective hivemind. Samoan says she'd let him as it would give the rest of them a break but reminds him he'd need to read up on how to actually fly the ship, learn how to work the weapons, organise rosters and negotiate with species worse than Kitty before her morning coffee... which tends to shut him up. Lase is known to develop crushes quickly which tend to mean nothing but when he knows what he wants he'll sweet talk his way into anyones life and convince them of his good nature. He sees Precious like a sister as the two are almost inseperable. He is shortly set on 'wooing' Narissa when she joins Star Elite and she's quick to dismiss his affections. However when she sees he is genuine with his affections she opens up to him a little more and eventually begins to reflect his feelings.



  • Lase can create a double of himself, mainly used in defence or as a distraction. Creating a duplication means Lase can absorb it's memories and skills.


  • He can copy an item and have it overrun an area (like water).

Temporal Copy

  • He can create a copy of himself from the future or past

Instant Army

  • He can create a limitless number of clones in an instant

Elemental Cloning

  • If Lase comes into contact with an elemental Tamer he can duplicate himself out of that element (limited to Fire, Ice and Sand).