Nicknames/Alias: Tasha/Tash


Power: Pyrotechnics & Animal Magic

Species: Human/Unknown Hybrid



First Main Appearance:






Wing Manifestation

  • Tasha can manifest wings that are attached to her body allowing flight, detach and re-grow for quick getaways.

Pyrotechnic Manipulation

  • Tasha can cretae, shape and manipulate fireworks and explosive pyrotechnics of various substances from traditional chemical explosives to energy bombs

Pyrotechnic Projection

  • Tasha can generate effects similar to multicoloured fireworks/pyrotechnic displays vai vaiours ways

Pyrotechnic Beam Emission

  • Tasha can project beams of pyrptechnic energy/fireworks that can destroy soft metals, leather and flesh

Animal Telepathy

  • Tasha can read the minds and communicate with animals. She can take over the body of non-human animals.

Animal Imitation

  • Tasha can mimic the abilities, traits and behaviour of animals (such as borrowing their senses).

Animal Morphing

  • Tasha can transform into animals, as well as use the traits and appearance of animals by rearranging her DNA structure

Animal Summoning

  • She can summon animals she has previously come across

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