Nicknames/Alias: Kayla/Makaykay/MK/Makka


Power: Flower Manipulation

Species: Human

Origin: Vis, Moon of Robus

Rank: Ensign

First Main Appearance: S02E05 - Burning Euphoria





Flower Generation

  • Kayla can create, manipulate, increase, move and animate flowers. She can also generate flower petals as a distaction to escape a situation.

Vine Manipulation

  • She can create and manipulate vines, tendrils and stems

Chlorokinetic Constructs

  • She can change plants, flowers, trees, etc, into tools, objects, weapons. She can create semi-living constructs of varying permanence

Fragrance/Pheramone Manipulation

  • Kayla can generate pheromones/fragrances from flowers with the basic effects being either hypnosis or hallucinations

Pollen Manipulation

  • She can emit and manipulate pollen. The two effects she can cause creating the pollen is paralysis and sleep.

Siesmic Sense

  • She can sense and percieve vibrations in the earth

Plant Empathy

  • Kayla can understand the overall well-being/condition of plants and fully interpret their emotions and communicate with them.

Mutation/Healing Plant

  • Kayla's powers mutate at some point and cause the outside of her hands and arms (up to her elbow) to be covered in thorns. She can now however draw power from nature to heal injuries with her hands.