Specialist Subject: Academic Studies (Maths & Science)

Age: 31

Power: Nature Manipulation

Species: Human

First Appearance: S01E01 - Eye Of The Cat




Environmental Adaptation

  • Mariah and survive and adapt to an environment such as immunity to the cold in arctic climates and endurance for high water pressure and temperatures in aquatic surroundings

Nature Infusion

  • She can infuse the power of nature into objects, beings or powers

Plant Manipulation

  • She can create and manipulate Flowers, Fungus, Mould and Wood

Poison/Disease Maniplation

  • She can release a toxic gas with varying effects


  • Mariah's physical needs are greatly reduced, including needing air, sleep, food etc.


  • She can communicate and command environments physically

Animal Empathy

  • Mariah can sense and understand the emotions of animals and vice versa

Animal Morphing

  • She can transform into animals and posses the special abilities of them

Element Manipulation

  • Mariah to varying degrees can manipulate Fire, Water, Earth and Air