Nicknames/Alias: Nat


Power: Mirror Manipulation

Species: Human Doll



First Main Appearance:






Mirror Vision

  • Natalie can use reflective surfaces to see people or objects far away

Force-Field Generation

  • She can create a shield formed from energy

Power Reflection

  • Natalie can reflect any power that is launched against her without being harmed and turn it back on them.

Limited Distortion Manipulation

  • Natalie can alter reality, such as becoming immune to attacks by altering their trajectory in order to avoid striking her.

Mirror Imprisonment

  • Natalie can trap others in mirrors

Plastic Mimicry

  • Natalie has a physical body made of plastic. She is immune to pain and disease with enhanced durability and strength. However she is weak against fire, heat and cold.

Body Part Substitution

  • She could -should she need to to- replace her missing appendages with those of another.

Limited Limb Reanimation

  • Natalie can remove her arms and control them.


  • Natalie can supress emotions in herself


  • Having a body made of plastic, Natalie will never age and is immune to aging abilities.

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