Nicknames/Alias: NeNe

Age: 24

Power: Shattering & Chrono Vision

Species: Human/Seer


First Main Appearance:






Chrono Vision

  • Neira can see the past, present and future throughout time whether that be along her own timeline or along the timeline of others. The 'eye' tattoos on her hands will glow when she activates this power and must be held to her face.


  • If used on non-living objects or energy, she can sperate it into multiple pieces as if a net like liker has slashed through it. If used on a living being, the being will be seperated into smaller versions of themselves. She cannot directly harm living beings with this power

Molecular Combustion

  • She can detonate the energy within objects such as rocks, wood, water, and organic compounds to damage them from the inside

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