Nicknames/Alias: Nev


Power: Size Manipulation & Werecat Physiology

Species: Human/Werecat Hybrid

Origin: Torin VI


First Main Appearance:






Size Manipulation

  • Nev has complete control over the size of herself and others, from tiny to absolutely gigantic while retaining their physical proportions.

Size Enhancement

  • Nev can increase the size of herself and others to be a hulking giant, enhancing their physical capabilities allowing herself and others to draw upon vast amounts of strength

Limb Expansion

  • She can expand her limbs (arms, legs, neck etc.) to great sizes, allowing for increased reach and damage

Size Reduction

  • Nev possesses the ability to reduce herself and others down to the size and dimensions of an ant, cell or even smaller. She can reduce the size of objects she is touching also.

Partial Transformation

  • Nevada is infected later in her life and gains the ability to tranform parts of her body into those of a Werecat, which includes a tail and Claw Retraction. Nevada has no specific weakness for silver nor is her transformation connected to the moon like werewolves.

Feline Physiology

  • When transforming into her partial werecat form, Nevada gains enhanced agility, balance, bite, flexibility, jump, senses, speed, strength and night vision.

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