Nicknames/Alias: Red


Power: Ifrit Physiology

Species: Ifrit/Human


First Main Appearance:






Enhanced Condition

  • Red has enhanced durability, immunity, lung capacity, speed and strength

Fire Manipulation

  • Red can generate and manipulate fire. He is immune to fire attacks and can absorb fire to enhance his pyrokinetic abilities or extinguish fire.

Fire Aura

  • Red can surround himself in fire becoming hot to the touch. He can achieve flight by lifting himself by the fire surrounding him. Red cannot fully transform his body to fire.


  • Red can render himself invisible


  • Red's immunity, digestive, and other organ systems are evolved far beyond that of normal humans due to his Infrit DNA.

Pain Supression

  • He can block pain at will allowing him to think clearly and continue to move despite injury

Limited Shapeshifting

  • Red can take the shape of various beasts all bearing the same markings on their body as in his human form

Limited Teleportation

  • Red can teleport himself from one location to another. He can teleport a maximum of 2 others with him. He can only teleport when he is able to clear his thoughts and concentrate completely on a single place.

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