Nicknames/Alias: Phi


Basic Traits: Haughty, Argumentative, Dutiful

Power: Ice Generation & Manipulation

Species: Human/Fish Hybrid

Origin: Stiria


First Main Appearance:




Phianna sacrifices herself to stop an explosion, pitting herself right at the centre and freezing it, and herself in the process. Phianna is brought back to life by Marylyn, a necromancer under Atalya's command to fight against Star Elite. She gains a darker aspect to her powers. Demonic Ice Manipulation.  


Ice Constructs

  • She can create constructs from ice including weapons and walls

Ice Breath

  • She can discharge ice/cold blasts from her mouth

Ice Aura

  • Phianna can coat herself in an icy aura that gives off cold energy

Snow/Ice Generation

  • She can create and manipulate snow and ice in any way, such as creating a blizzard.

Thermal Vision

  • Phianna can see beings due to the heat signature they give off, because of the absence of heat around her


  • She can freeze anything to an atomic level making it fragile


  • Phianna can freeze objects/beings susceptible to damage by cooling to sub-zero temperatures to preserve them. Doing this, any enzymatic or chemical activity which could cause damage to the material in question is effectively stopped.

Cold Resistance

  • She is immune to extreme cold

Ice Transmutation

  • She can transform matter and objects, including living being into ice

Molecular Moisture Inversion

  • Phianna can freeze water molecules turning them into solid ice

Demon Ice Manipulation

  • Phianna, when brought back to life under Atalya's command, can generate and manipulate mystical demonic ice, which cannot be menlted by mortal means. This ice can cause excruciating pain upon contact and even death.