Nicknames/Alias: Prissy


Power: Prism Beam Emission

Species: Human

Origin: Epsilon-Pictoris


First Main Appearance:







  • Prisin can deflect forms of attack

Force Field Generation

  • She can project powerful fields of manipulated energy. She can also throw shields away from her.

Limited Flight

  • She can fly by using a force-field and levitating it

Illusion Manipulation

  • Prisin can manipulate illusions by distorting light

Light Manipulation

  • Prisin can create, shape and manipulate visible light and solidify.

Light Beam Emission

  • Prisin can create and project beams of light capable of piercing through anything they come into contact with

Light Healing

  • She can heal using light

Rainbow Teleportation

  • Prisin can teleport through the rainbows which allows her to move from one place to another

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