Nicknames/Alias: Kema Memphis


Power: Rapture Magic



First Main Appearance:






Internal Energy Combustion

  • Kema can detonate the energy within objects such as rocks, wood, water, people and organic compounds to damage them from the inside. Kema can explode the energy within herself, without hurting herself, to repel 

Eruption Inducement

  • Kema can cause volcanic eruptions, sending out lava and ash

Explosive Burst

  • Kema can create a burst of force

Concussive Force

  • She can deliver concussive force

Explosion Absorption

  • Kema can absorb explosions and utilize it in some way

Jet Propulsion

  • Kema can use jet propulsion, passing a jet of energy in the opposite direction to the direction of motion, to give flight

Kinetic Charging

  • Kema can convert the potential energy in molecules into kinetic energy causing explosions on contact

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