Power: Shadow Manipulation & Desire Inducement

Species: Human/Succubus Hybrid


First Main Appearance:




Robyne sees Alasa as her personal nemesis, with them both being Succubi, Robyne constantly attempts to convince Emmit to join her just to spite Alasa, however Alasa continues to prove her powers are stronger and Emmit's heart remains with Alasa.


Light Absoption

  • Robyne can absorb light and then release it as orbs to attack

Night Vision

  • She has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness

Dark Threads

  • She can solidify darkness into thin threads to attack or bind a target


  • Robyne Can cause herself/subject or objects to hover in the air. She cannot fly.

Shadow Marionette

  • Robyne can control a targets movements via shadows


  • Robyne can induce hunger, sexual, love or nostalgia

Enhanced Condition

  • Robyne has enhanced dexterity, durability and strength

Natural Weaponry

  • Being part succubus, Robyne can extend and retract claws and has an incredibly powerful bite

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