-- Ruiben

Ruiben unofficially works with Aly at the Academy as an RTC (Rogue Tamer Collector). His father works at a CPU lab and is all for experimentation on Tamers. Ruiben fights for the rights of Tamers who are forced to undergo changes because of the way the universe views Tamers.



  • He can cause himself, others and objects to become invisible. He can cause selective invisibility being visible only to people he chooses.


  • When invisible Ruiben can render himself totally imperceptible and cannot be detected or communicated with by external forces. He can't be physically or mentally touched or perceived by the senses, gives off no heat, auras or leaves any evidence of presence. To all senses he does not exist.

Enhanced Combat

  • Ruiben, being considered a Defence Tamer, has trained himself since he was young, and is unbelievably skilled in many forms of fighting including martial arts, boxing and wrestling. He can perform many different combination strikes, counters and disarm his foes with his bare hands.

Force-Field Generation

  • Ruiben can create force-fields for protection, preventing things from entering/leaving

Platform Creation

  • Ruiben can create a force-field and levitate enabling flight

Bullet Projection

  • Ruiben can fire small force-fields