Ruth is the second of Sakans unbeatable soldiers. Being capable of transforming her body into Clay, hitting hard and avoiding attacks with ease. Ruth is brainless, rendering her immune to mind targeted attacks and only follows Sakans orders. She is RUTHLESS.


Age: Unknown

Power: Clay Golem Physiology

Species: Golem



First Main Appearance:






Contaminant/Disease Immunity

Dermal Armor

Enhanced Condition

  • Ruth had enhanced durability, endurance, lung capacity and strength

Psychic Shield

  • Ruth's brain shuts down when in clay form. She is rendered immune to psychic attacks and brain affecting powers


  • When mimicing dry clay Ruth is invulnerable


  • When mimicing dry clay Ruth can willingly shatter into clay-dust and re-form

Attack Absorption

  • When mimicing wet clay Ruth can absorb attacks


  • Ruth can trap and engulf people and objects when in wet clay form

Enhanced Flexibility/Elasticity

  • Ruth has enhanged flexibility and elasticity when in wet clay form

Malleable Anatomy

  • When mimicing wet clay, Ruth can modify her physiological features

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