Nicknames/Alias: N/A


Power: Witchcraft

Species: Witch



First Main Appearance:





Insciptive Spell Casting

  • Salome can activate written spells/symbols to create the desired effect. She can deploy traps by writing on the ground or walls

Linguistic Magic

  • Salome can also achieve amost anything though an incantation as long as she has knowledge of the language the magic is initiated by and the necessary power to do it. These spoken spells as more powerful than her written spells.

Curse Inducement

  • Salome can cause an area, building, vehicle or object to become a festering ground for ghosts and evil spirits. She can temporarily take complete control of a target's body. She can create/induce flaw/weak points in her targets physical structure. She can also bring out the worst vices and sins in people making them forget everything and perform the Seven Deadly Sins which tends to result in the victim's death or insanity.


  • Salome can read the past, present and future through cards

Psychometric Telepathy

  • Salome can open a psychic link with anyone related to an object by touching it