Nicknames/Alias: N/A

Age: Unknown

Power: Unicorn Mimicry

Species: Human



First Main Appearance:






Enhanced Condition

  • Silver has enhanced agility, hearing, stamina, endurance, jump, speed, strength and sight


  • Silver can restor biotic organisms to their optimal health

Horn Protrusion

  • Silver has a horn on her head which can be used offensively. She can emit an anti-evil aura from it which is capable of repelling evil or other forces of darkness. She can also sense the presense and source of magical energies.

Prey Instinct

  • Silver possesses instincts that allows her to become a master of evasion

Night Vision

  • Silver jas excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness


  • Silver can remove the darkness or evil from a person or object, however there is a possibility that the darkness she removes may consume her instead

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