Nicknames/Alias: Tally/Lula/Luo


Power: Motion Manipulation

Species: Human


Family: Cameron & Aaron (Parents)


First Main Appearance:






Enhanced Strength

  • Tally can exert great strength from her muscles

Flash Step

  • Tally can use bursts of speed allowing her to move faster than the eye can track, making it appear as if she has teleported

Flight Prevention

  • Tally can prevent users of Flight from flying

Limited Trajectory Manipulation

  • Tally can, to a degree, control, or at least alter the path of projectile attacks and change their direction

Thermal Manipulation

  • Talula can heat or cool a subject by manipulating molecules. She can speed up molecules until they combust or slow molecules until they lose energy, encasing objects in ice.

Kinetic Energy Absorption and Redirection

  • Talula can speed up, slow down and absorb the kinetic energy from anything. She can then redirect it.

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