Specialist Subject: Magic Infusion (Items infused with magic) & Ethics (Meditation for accessing and controlling abilities)

Age: Unknown

Power: Iron Manipulation & Shadow Manipulation

Species: Soulless Human

First Appearance:




Iron Generation

  • Thourne can create and manipulate iron

Iron Sand Generation

  • He can implant iron sand into beings and manipulate them

Iron Mimicry

  • He can transform his body completely into iron. Thourne becomes malleable, ductile and magnetizable. He becomes immune to disease and electric attacks and has enhanced durability, strength and endurance.

Wire Manipulation

  • He can create, manipulate and repair wires. He can also create them as whips to bind.

Blood Manipulation

  • He can manipulate the iron in blood

Shadow Cloaking

  • He can become undetectable when in shadow

Shadow Solidification

  • He can condense shadows into a solid form

Shadow Mutilation

  • He can inflict damage on someone via their shadow