Nicknames/Alias: Vain

Age: 23

Power: Spring Manipulation & Butterfly Physiology

Species: Human/Butterfly Hybrid



First Main Appearance:






Enhanced Smell and Vision

  • Vervain has enhanced tracking skills, can detect lies, has microscopic and panoramic vision and can share the vision of others.

Poison Generation

  • Vervain can cause her touch to be venomous or breath poison

Size Manipulation

  • Vervain can manipulate the size of people, objects or herself

Wing Manifestation

  • Vervain can manifest wings and fly

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Vervain can heal from any ohysical injury and can should she need to reattach limbs. She can also cleanse her body from contaminents.

Disease Sense

  • Vervain can detect disease in others


  • Vervain can resurrect herself upon death. It is yet to be confirmed the limit of this ability as she has been warned not to die a first time anyway to test it.

Resurrection Field Projection

  • She can create a field that resurrects everything that is dead within is, but only things that have been dead a certain amount of time

Hope Inducement

  • Vervain has enhanced charisma and can induce confidence in others. She can manipulate joyful emotions and induce happiness and hope

Plant Manipulation/Growth

  • Vervain can enhance nature and manipulate flora

Weather Mnaipulation

  • Vervain can manipulate rain and heat

Youth Unducement

  • Vervain can induce youth in beings manipulating their age