Nicknames/Alias: Viz


Power: Technorganic Physiology & Fire Manipulation

Species: Cyborg


Family: Angel (Creator)


First Main Appearance:




Upon befriending a girl called Condessa, Angel became protective of her and claimed her broken body when she returned, close to death after a mission. Angel became obsessed with reviving her friend when she did pass away. Her fifth attempt was successful and Condessa became Vizcondessa. Viz joined Chelsey on the Z-Force Team when Angel prompted her and told her of how Chelsey's mother Cameron never gave up on Angel herself and has no doubt Chelsey will stand with Viz. Upon being revived, Viz is half human and half machine with the latter componants being what is keeping her 'alive'.


Scanner Vision

  • Viz can perform complex visual scans with her robotic eye

Reality Perception

  • Viz is immune to illusions caused by telepathy or mental manipulation. She cannot be fooled by reality warping.

Psychic Shield

  • She is immune to psychic attacks

Neural Impulse Manipulation

  • Viz has enhanced reflexes and senses

Enhanced Memory

  • Viz can recall experiences and events inhumanly well after miniscule degrees of experiences

Digital Interaction

  • Viz can interact with with the digital plane. Via simple physical interaction she can open a program/document on a non-touch pad computer and control small machinery. She can interface with computers and IT networks allowing her gather information.

Robot Arm

  • Viz wields a programmable, mechanical arm that has been designed in order to fit her needs, such as Blade Retraction, Charged Attacks, Energy Blasts, Rocket Fist

Firestorm Creation

  • Despite her being half machine, Viz retained her Fire Magic. She can create a terrifying inferno that incinerates everything it touches

Flame Solidification

  • Viz can create and solidify fire into a tangible form

Hot Air Manipulation

  • Viz can manipulate hot air, combining various air/wind related powers with searing heat

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