Nicknames/Alias: Sina

Age: 8

Power: Time Manipulation & Vampirism

Species: Vampire/Human Hybrid



First Main Appearance:




Waysina turns up in Samoans quarters curled up at the end of her bed. Waysina is from the future and has traveled back to help Star Elite overcome enemies. What she didn't plan on doing was revealing her heritage.


Flash Forward

  • Waysina can travel to the future

Temporal Looping

  • Waysina can trap anyone or anything into reiterating time streams where everything inside the loop is restarted precisely every so often, possibly even backwards

Temporal Rewind

  • Waysina can reverse time to repair, resurrect, heal and restart. She has the ability of Temporal Protection aswell which means she is immune to alterations in the time stream and will retain memories of prior timelines before alterations

Age Manipulation

  • Waysina can accelerate, negate, shift, tranfer and reverse age of organisms and non-living objects

Parachronal Cognition

  • She can percieve how time plays out in parallel timelines

Chronokinetic Constructs

  • She can turn time energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items

Time Portal Creation

  • Waysina can create portals that can move throughout time.

Temporal Phase Manipulation

  • Waysina can shift tempral phase herself unvaryingly ahead or behind any established time stream.

Splitting Void

  • Waysina can remove or displace a slit of space, creating a tear that will split the fabrics of reality apart. By applying this to the space of physical matter or energy, it will cause the said target to be bifurcated.

Decelerated Aging

  •  Being half vampire, Waysina ages slower than the average human

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Waysina can heal rapidly from any physical injury

Blood Consumption

  • Waysina can absorb (by ingesting) the blood of others for sustenance, offensive, defensive or regenerative purposes. She can reach and remain in supernatural physical and mental condition after consuming blood.

Daytime Walking

  • Being only part vampire, Waysina can withstand exposure to direct sunlight, but may begin to feel dizzy should she remain outside excessively.