Specialist Subject: LINK History

Age: 32

Power: Power Absoption & Werewolf Physiology

Species: Human/Were Hybrid

First Appearance:




Power Absorption

  • She can erase or negate powers, and choose whether or not to return them

Power Mixture

  • She can absorb powers simultaniously and combine them into an attack

Claw Retraction

  • She can extend and retract sharp claws

Contaminent/Poison Immunity

  • She has a very advanced immune system rendering her  immune to most known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria etc. She can neutralize all existing detrimental contaminents in her body.

Enhaced Condition

  • Westley has enhanced Agility, Reflexes and Jump

Lunar Empowerment

  • She can absorb lunar energy to enhance and strengthen herself. Her Wolf Physiology powers will only work when she has absorbed enough energy

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • When empowered b lunar energy she can heal rapidly from any physical injury

Wolf Physiology 

  • Westley, when empowered by lunar energy, has extemely hightened Stamina, Strength, Speed, Senses, Endurace, Durability and Bite

Feral Mind

  • When empowered by lunar energy, she can tap into primal, unstoppable rage that allows her to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that she wouldn't in her normal form

Predator Instinct

  • She is a master hunter and tracker.

Environment Adaptation

  • She can adapt to certain environments (Mountains, Forests and Deserts)

Lycanthropic Infection

  • She can transform others into werewolf hybrids like herself through infection