Nicknames/Alias: N/A

Age: 23

Power: Sand/Desert Manipulation & Time Bending

Species: Human

Origin: Hondarra


First Main Appearance:




Wrune is the only daughter of Evolen Llord, the Head of Charter Academy. She has reasons and secrets behind her existence, and a yearning to do what’s right. But having a father who is the Head of an Academy AND an accomplice of an evil group of beings, she is stuck between choosing to follow in his footsteps or do as her heart says. Wrune was once threatened by Evolen, for questioning him and not doing as she was told, he was intent on killing her. Ria (From Rainbow Rain) saved Wrune from her fate and told Evolen to spare her and let her train Wrune. Wrune has since only ever used her powers in defence for her life and never to threaten another.


Sand Timer

  • Wrune can send people back in time

Time Theft

  • Wrune has the ability to steal time from other beings or objects, reducing their lifespan. She has known of this ability but has chosen to keep it hidden, afterall, many supervillains would kill for the chance to steal youth and live forever.

Sand Statue

  • Wrune can create large sentient sand statues for attack and defence purposes


  • Wrune can remove water from objects and/ organisms

Desert Adaptation

  • Wrune is able to survive and adapt to desert conditions, including both hot and cold deserts, with the capability to go longer without water or food and her skin/body systems deal better with temperature

Sand Manipulation

  • Wrune can create and manipulate sand of any grain-side or shape

Quicksand Generation

  • She can transform earth properties into quicksand or can amnipulate pre-existing sand to function as quicksand. She only ever uses this to subdue or trap a being, never to kill

Sand Storm Creation

  • Wrune can create dust/sand storms; a strong, turbulent wind carrying large clouds of sand, dirt and other forms of dust